Why Video Content Marketing Is More Crucial Than It’s Ever Been Before

Content marketing is a well-known strategy for building your brand and reaching out to the people you want to target. Video marketing is a sort of content marketing that is gaining popularity. According to a Demand Metric report, 83% of sellers believe video is more important than ever. This essay will define streaming video marketing and provide some solid ideas.

What exactly is video content marketing?

Brands create videos for video content advertising to boost their online visibility. Videos are typically posted on YouTube or social media, but they can also be webinars, seminars, live videos, or videos hosted on your website. When done correctly, the video may help a brand communicate its message to a big audience in an understandable manner.

It looks to work with both B2C and B2B content strategies. Video content marketing is fantastic since it is becoming easier to master. Because marketers have so many alternatives, there is a solution for every business, even those that don’t know how to film or edit videos the old-fashioned way.

Videos are an effective approach to explaining your goods.

Video material can help consumers considering purchasing a product learn more about it. WYZOwl reported that 94% of marketers believe video content has helped people better comprehend a product or service. Clients will not purchase your product until they understand what it does and how it will benefit them.

Streaming video is a useful tool, which is not surprising given that the visual element makes it simple for businesses to clarify how things function. Check out this Dropbox video. It’s a great example of how video can be utilized to describe what something is about.

Videos deliver a good ROI.

The return on investment of your video will be determined by various factors, including how well your content strategy is set up and how outstanding your films are. Despite this, 83 percent of those polled by WYZOwl believe video provides a favorable return on investment. You may believe that creating a film is costly and time-consuming.

However, a multitude of equipment makes it simple and inexpensive to create good videos rapidly. Most of us have high-quality video recorders in the shape of smartphones, and software tools like VideoScribe and Doodly render it simple and inexpensive to create interesting explainer videos. Earning a decent return on investment will be simpler if you spend less money generating your movies.

Video can be utilized in a variety of contexts.

Video footage can be used in a variety of ways by marketers. This makes it simple to choose an approach that meets your company’s marketing objectives. When it comes to making videos, YouTube is the obvious place to start, but here are some more options:

  • Most social networking platforms, including Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, allow you to create postings that disappear after a specified time. These are fantastic since they can be created quickly and cheaply while speaking directly to those you want to target. It would help to establish a social media following for your story.
  • Live video has grown in popularity in recent years, and major platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch now allow businesses to broadcast live content. Utilizing live footage can be advantageous. According to Facebook, live streaming is six times more popular than other types of content.
  • Webinars are an excellent method to use video to speak directly to people interested in your company. You can use them to respond to specific client inquiries about your product or to teach your audience about your business, establishing yourself as an authority. Companies may simply host webinars using tools such as GoToWebinar or Livestorm. Check out some of the Act! Seminars to discover how to create landing pages that will assist your website in generating more leads.
  • On a one-to-one basis, video is also used creatively. Marketers can record and send brief messages to follow up on purchases or questions. This can improve things for the customer.

People Like Video

It is now quite simple for businesses to record video, and it is also very simple for individuals to view video material. Numerous numbers demonstrate this. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • According to the official YouTube blog, individuals watch over a billion instances of YouTube content daily.
  • Twitter announced last year that 2 billion videos are seen on its platform daily. Furthermore, tweets with videos receive ten times the attention of tweets without videos.
  • Digiday says more than 8 million videos are seen on Facebook daily. Surprisingly, 85% of these clips are watched silently.

If you do not create videos, you may miss out on some of the most popular ways people obtain information.

SEO works well with videos.

Putting videos on YouTube that employ frequent search terms will help your business rank on Google’s homepage because Google prioritizes YouTube videos for numerous search queries.

When you search ” How to Edit Videos on an iPhone, Google displays three videos above the standard search results and a section below the search result called People. In this situation, one of all three results is for the video editing program Filmora. Clicking on this link will teach you to edit videos on your iPhone using the Filmora app.

Videos will appear when people search for a subject on YouTube or Google. This is significant since, in 2017, Moz and Jumpshot discovered that, after Google.com and Google Images, YouTube appeared to hold the third-largest percentage of the US search engine market.


Marketers may reach a large number of people by using videos. Businesses may quickly create and share high-quality movies now more than ever. If video isn’t already a component of your digital approach, you might wish to experiment with a few initiatives.

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