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9 Email Marketing Strategies That Every Company Should Implement

9 Email Marketing Strategies That Every Company Should Implement

Email marketing campaigns are not launched on the spur of the moment; they are meticulously planned and thought out. Your company should perform these 9 email campaigns, although this is not an exhaustive list. Because each label is unique, you need to adapt your strategy accordingly.

The Welcome Email Sequence

Congratulations on your new subscription! Assume you’ve just met a new friend or coworker, and it’s only courteous to introduce yourself. This is why the nice email series was created. It’s not the most well-known email campaign, but it’s one of the most effective. You can get to know a new subscriber better by mailing series 3, 4, or 5.

You can also teach kids about your brand at the right time. If you take too long to send out an email to subscribers, they may forget they joined your list, raising your spam score. Furthermore, welcome emails generate more views and click-throughs than usual and generate more revenue. If you don’t do email marketing, this is the one to use.

A Standard Promotional Campaign

This is the most frequent email marketing campaign, and you are most likely familiar with it. You will most likely have one or more marketing emails from companies in your inbox. As a consumer, I’ve discovered that these are frequently less planned or coordinated than we would want.

They keep appearing in inboxes resembling machine gun fire, with a constant rat-a-tat-tat sound. That is not what we need people to think about when they consider these advertisements. Instead of delivering 10 different one-time emails to market your products, consider creating a campaign that moves ahead or is linked in some way.

To liven up your standard email marketing, try the following:

  • elicit emotion
  • Include some fun.
  • Make them envious.
  • Give anything away for free.
  • Use lyrics from popular songs.
  • Use eye-catching colors, images, and fonts.
  • Give anything away for free.

Seasonal Promotion

Any major holiday is a good time to start email marketing, from Valentine’s Day to less well-known Father’s Day efforts that are nevertheless quite powerful. These email marketing campaigns might involve a buildup before the event and a follow-up, allowing you to send emails multiple times.

During this period, retail is essential. According to the National Retail Federation, vacation sales account for 20% of all retail sales. Only in the United States did these sales exceed $84 billion.

Here are several items to consider about when preparing for your season’s campaign:

  • Learn about vacations available in the country you are attempting to sell. This is an excellent method for categorizing your list.
  • Get started early. People receive many emails around the holidays, so make sure yours is the first they see.
  • Ensure the colors and language are appropriate for the holiday.
  • Try giving them a Christmas discount that they can only use for themselves. This is the main reason why holiday marketing is effective.
  • Make a hasty decision. One of the primary reasons that email works so well is that communications are only sent for a limited time.

Series of Triggered Emails

It’s possible they did click on a link in one of your promotional emails and added something to their shopping cart but did not complete the transaction, download anything, purchase something, or complete a survey. Their actions triggered the drip campaign in which they are presently involved. According to the DMA’s 2013 National Customer Email Report, triggered programs generate more than 75% of email income rather than generic promotional messages.

The Purchase Drip

I don’t come across these very often. I believe that sending a series of emails following a purchase is an effective technique to market via email. This email series is being sent after the transaction, not to close the deal. Assume I purchased a new kitchen utensil. A savvy email marketer may utilize automated email marketing to send me emails that increase my likelihood of purchasing their goods and my loyalty to their brand.

For example, one email may instruct me on cleaning and caring for the equipment. For example, the following email could provide a recipe for using the device. It helps a customer feel good since you provide them with something of value after the purchase. Each email is still an opportunity to offer more or different items.

The Connect-by-Social Campaign

The social campaign employs a variety of channels, like email, social media, and possibly even email. It’s an email marketing campaign to get individuals to pay attention to their newsfeeds. You have a lot of alternatives with this one, from Facebook to Instagram.

Take the kitchen utensil, for example. Users might be urged to upload images of dishes they created with the gadget on Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter with a hashtag in an email marketing campaign for a social campaign. There are so many possibilities!

The Magazine

Even if a newsletter or digest is sent to your list regularly is not strictly a campaign because it can last indefinitely. It is just a smart email. Newsletters, when done correctly, are not sales items that your audience will become tired of.

Instead, they are emails that can provide genuine value to your audience by informing them about product updates, educating them, and amusing them. Brand newsletters are among the most widely read emails. However, you are not required to provide. By creating content that people want to share, you can remain top of mind, establish brand loyalty, and expand your audience.

The Series of Abandoned Carts

Like other autonomous vehicle campaigns, these emails are delivered after a user does something, such as putting a product in a virtual basket but not purchasing it. These emails frequently include a cause to open them, such as, Hey, you didn’t finish checking out.

Here’s a 10% discount code to help you complete your transaction. Welcome emails and letters in this type of email series typically generate significantly more leads and conversions. They are, however, too sophisticated for a newbie to handle, but everyone should be able to use them.

Re-Engagement Campaign

Every year, 25-30% of people on an email list quit. This is acceptable. It is usual for individuals to modify their email addresses and for businesses to alter their names. A campaign to re-engage individuals is attempting to change this. Assume that some of the people on your list have not yet opened an email in over 6 months.

Your re-engagement campaign will either a) attempt to re-engage these subscribers or b) decide whether they can be engaged and, if not, cleanse your email list. Because they do nothing, and if they do not open or engage with your emails, they may harm your image with ISPs and reduce your rate of deliverability.

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