What You Should Expect When Beginning Pay-Per-Click Management

You’ve decided to get help with Google Ads from a trained professional, like the PPC management team at Exposure Ninja. Good move! But how does it work, what should you expect, and most importantly, how long until you start making money? Exposure Ninja is about being open and honest, so we’re here to inform you of everything you require about PPC management. Get ready to feel completely at ease about what may be one of the best decisions your business has ever made.

Every PPC campaign is similar.

Every Google AdWords campaign has some key similarities, regardless of the business, product, or market. So that Quality Score is as high as it can be, we have put standard, best-practice procedures for things like Campaign and Ad Group structure. We have rules for keyword bidding that are meant to make sure that advertisements are seen in the best place.

Our advertising guidelines have been changed to get more clicks from people who want to see the ad. We’ve come up with these ideas after running hundreds of campaigns. If we’re starting from scratch and making a PPC management campaign, we’ll use this Ninja framework to set up the campaign. If we want to improve an already-running campaign, we usually spend time trying to add any of these missing parts.

Every AdWords campaign is different.

Even though many paid search campaigns are the same, each business has small differences that make their campaigns unique. Aside from the obvious differences in product and service, there are also subtle differences in intent, motivation, and language. All of this is before we even consider how well the website works, how appealing the landing page is, and how good the call to action (CTA) is!

Professionally managed campaigns tend to do much better than campaigns that people run on their own because an experienced manager can keep track of and improve performance by cautiously navigating all of these factors. They know what to expect, what they don’t know, and where to look for trends that lead to a better return on investment (ROI).

Your first-month managing PPC

After you fill out the first questionnaire (which may include keyword suggestions), your PPC Management Ninja will tell you about themselves. Then, they’ll look at any campaigns you’ve done in the past. They will look at your site and the sites of your rival. After this is done, they start working on the campaigns. This first work can take anywhere from a few hours to several days. It varies depending on the market and the level of competition.

Scenario 1 of PPC Management: Taking over an established campaign

If we’re trying to improve a campaign that’s already running, your PPC Ninja will start making changes to the campaign. This work can include removing keywords that don’t do well and changing how others are targeted. We could change the campaign’s structure to improve the Quality Score, make new ads to test against the old ones, and do a lot more to ensure our strategy is the best it can be.

As was said above, the directly applied will depend on what needs to be done. Most of the time, if we make big changes, we’ll add them to the campaign instead of taking away what you currently have. So, we can look back at the old campaign and compare it to the new one.

PPC Management Scenario No. 2: Installing a new campaign

When we start a new campaign, our goal for the first few months is to collect data that will help us tweak and improve it in the short or medium term. Keep in mind that it’s rare for an AdWords campaign to make money in the first month unless the market is very uncompetitive.

Even though the campaign’s structure is important for making sure it will be profitable in the future, the real work starts when the ads go live, and data starts coming in. The success of a campaign depends on how well it is set up and how well it is optimized. If it were as easy as setting up ads in a certain way and getting huge returns right away, wouldn’t other people in your market have also figured this out by now?

How long before your campaign makes money?

During the First Phase of a new campaign, we usually suggest spending a small amount of money. This is because we want to protect you as much as possible while getting enough data to improve. Because your real ad spends will be less, our PPC management fee throughout this phase would be proportionally high, up to 50% of one’s total outlay.

As we keep working to improve the campaign, our first goal is to get the CPA to the point where it pays for itself. At this point, you’re spending the same amount on ads as you’re making from them. Taking out our fee, you are breaking even when you get new customers. When we get to this point, we suggest you raise your budget.

We’ll keep working to improve the campaign, and when we have more data to work with, we’ll be able to make it more profitable and move into the Profit Phase. As we increase the budget and make more money, our fixed management fee takes up less of your total spending. Then, it’s our job to make as much money as possible, which you can use to expand the campaign, do more marketing, or take a well-deserved vacation.

What will happen to my campaign?

Your PPC Ninja will be a Google Partner PPC Manager who is fully trained. It’s their job to keep an eye on your campaign, track changes in CPA, and optimize as needed to lower the cost of getting a new customer. They do this in several ways, such as:

  • Look at the search query reports to find exactly what people searched for when your ads showed up. They’ll add it as keyword suggestions if people search for things that don’t apply or aren’t relevant.
  • Researching the keywords used by competitors and adding any relevant keywords.
  • Changing bids for search terms that are doing well to give them more attention and money.
  • when needed, adding new ad sets and campaigns
  • Putting new ads to the test
  • Keeping an eye on how landing pages do and making suggestions for improvements

They’ll send you a monthly report that breaks down which ads and keywords work best. Throughout the month, they’ll explain what they’re doing and show you how the campaign is doing based on KPIs (usually CPA). You can talk to your PPC Ninja if you have any questions about how your PPC management campaign is going. You can also talk to your Account Manager about your campaign if it uses more than one channel.

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